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Custom Metal Finishing performs and certifies our services to meet Military, Aerospace, ASTM, AMS, OEM, after-market and other industry and organization standards and specifications.

We are one of the only finishing companies that offers all of your needs in one place! From deburring, to anodizing, to laser engraving, we are able to take your product from start to finish and optimize your time, efficiency and cost!

Our quality speaks for itself and we are so confident in our work that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is by offering you a FREE SAMPLE so you can see for yourself how we can fit your needs!

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Removing sharp edges and hanging fragments of metal.

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Defining or Redefining of the materials surface. Sanding, Grinding, Blasting, Polishing and adding patterns or lines.

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Applying a coating that can add cosmetic appeal and/or durability to the material.

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Applying a logo, part number and/or bar code to personalize a part using a Co2 Laser.

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