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Industrial Metal Finishing & Metal texturing

Available metal finishing and texturing for all industrial & commercial requirements including aerospace and medical finishing and manufacturing.

Most any metals including stainless steel and aluminum.

Our dedicated staff with state-of-the-art equipment allow us to offer you an extensive variety of metal finishes:

•Grinding: basic stock removal using either stone or coated abrasives.

•Line Graining: a directional scratch pattern using coated abrasives.

•Stroke Sanding: a means of flat sanding for large, long, or heavy items.

•Brush Finishes: a semi-directional pattern using coated or woven abrasives.

•Burr Bench: any number of detailing operations (performed either by hand or with a bench tool). Examples include light grinding, filing, fine detail buffing, de-burring, and I.D. finishing.

  1. Special Finishes: unique finishes ranging from a simple jitterbug finish to an intricate, custom pattern.

Surface Roughness: applying a surface roughness or texture to meet a specific call out  #4, #6, #8, #63, #32, #125 for example.


  2. Time Saver

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