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Metal Polishing

CMF Polishing has surpassed manufacturers' demands for high quality metal buffing and polishing in aerospace, medical, electronic, aircraft metal polishing, metal buffing and metal finishing. Our polishing staff has over 30 years experience assuring you the same consistent workmanship and competitive prices that Custom Metal Finishing is known for.

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to giving you superior metal polishing,metal buffing and metal finishing service from start to finish. The ability to offer our customers the services of deburring, ball burnishing, line graining, media blasting, polishing, anodizing and finally laser engraving all in one stop is what makes CMF unique.

Polishing covers grinding, polishing and buffing - all processes for improving the surface conditions of a product for decorative or functional purposes. Mechanical polishing is a series of abrasive operations used to remove or smooth grinding lines, scratches, pits, mold marks, parting lines, tool marks, and surface defects that adversely affect the appearance or function of the part. Grinding first, polishing second, and buffing third. In general, grinding is far more aggressive than polishing.

Likewise, polishing is far more aggressive than buffing. Polishing is used to improve the surface finish from the grinding step, buffing improves the surface finish from the polishing step.

We can polish virtually any metal, brass, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, steel and other alloys, including small and large parts. We ask that items to be polished are completely disassembled and as free as possible of dirt, grease and oil. We polish only items that have not been plated, anodized, or powder coated. We can, however, polish the materials after any coatings have been stripped.

We can provide a Certificate of Conformance Memorandum when required for sanitary, military, and aircraft, aerospace metal polishing or metal buffing products.


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