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Tumble Deburring

Chambers (Barrel) tumblers is a batch system that works well for jobs requiring heavy burr removal. They are also good for burnishing, rapid radiusing of edges, heavy deburring with or without media and tumbling die-castings to break the parts off the runner.

Wet barrel finishing is for removing excess material and improving the surface appearance, polish and clean.


Dry barrel finishing is for mass polishing or removing excess material from plastic or metal parts. Dry barrel tumblers form radii, de-flash, polish and grind. Dry tumbling is valuable for finishing very delicate parts that would be damaged in a wet barrel. A dry system produces a smoother and higher finish. The finished parts have more of a hand-buffed appearance with greater uniformity in the end product - something very difficult to do with hand finishing methods.


  2. Tumble Deburring

  3. Vibratory Deburring

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